Your enquiry

Let us know what kind of P.O.S. displays you need. The more technical information – the better, but just a rough idea will also do for us to start working on your project.

Aiming to provide the best price quotation it’s useful for us to have detailed and precise information about your project.

You can send us:

  • Technical drawing
  • Working files
  • Rough sketches.

If you don’t have any of the above, we can make the design, technical drawings and 3D visualizations for you.

Additionally, for better understanding of your idea, you can also send us:

  • Photos of the display you want
  • Photos of a similar display
  • Hand drawn sketch
  • Overall dimensions

Or you can just let us know the purpose of the display, in case you don’t have any idea about the design.

Here are a couple of question, which might help you –

  • Is it going to stand on the floor, on a counter top, or it’s going to be attached to an existing construction?
  • What is the loading?

Type and dimensions of the products to be displayed, as well as their positioning on the display.