Laser Cutting – tubes

The lasertube cutting machine, that we are having, is giving us optimum cutting results in many tube shapes. We can process square, rectangular, round and flat oval sections.

The machine has a capacity to cut mild steel tubes with thickness up to 5 mm, stainless steel tubes – 3 mm and aluminum – 2 mm.

The smallest square section we can process is 12×12 mm and the largest is 100×100 mm.

The smallest circular section is Ø 12 mm and the largest is Ø 100 mm.

The smallest side of a rectangular section can be 10 mm, and the largest one is up to 120 mm.

The minimum difference between the sides is 5 mm.

The minimum bar length is 3200 mm. Maximum – 6500 mm.

The maximum weight is 13 kg/m.

The maximum length of outputs is 4500 mm.