Metal processing

Our main activity is metal processing. We are specialized in machining low carbon steel – steel sheet, profiles, wires.

We have the following equipment:

  • Fiber laser cutting machines;
  • Tube Laser cutting machine
  • A CNC punching machine;
  • Guilotines;
  • Press breaks;
  • Presses;
  • Steel sheet bending shafts;
  • Cutting out machines for profiles and tubes;
  • Boring machines;
  • Grinders;
  • Coil wire straightening and cutting machines;
  • 2D and 3D wire bending machines;
  • Resistance welding machines;
  • CO2 welding work stations and CO2 welding robot;
  • Stud welding equipment;
  • Lathes;
  • Powder coating facility.